How to find the best temperature for your high-tech weed vape

How to find the best temperature for your high-tech weed vape

Cannabis users always want finely ground buds as it results in a different high therefore, they want the same option when it comes to vaping. The best temperature to vape at depends on what you want out of your high. State level legalization in the U.S has made vaping a convenient and discrete norm. High tech Gadgets allow users to curate their experience by having the high according to their expectations.

Vaping oil is the new standard

In the past few years, tremendous use of vaping cannabis oil has introduced many people to this legal pot. Vaping oils are less smelly, produce no smoke and give mellow and manageable experience to users.  

In an interview, JJ O'Brien, VP of Strategy at Pax Labs said, n “You have all of this plant but a lot of its parts don’t impact your high whatsoever.  In its non-flower form, extract of the plant provides the active compound to the user.”

Vape oil is available at legal stores and users can also buy cheap, reusable and rechargeable batteries that allow a few temperature settings. 

The response of the company to its oil boom is at $29.99 the Pax Era. Users can’t buy any oil as company’s Era uses specific cannabis pods. This limits the variety of oils that users can buy but it gives a little bit more of a high-end experience. 

The Era is app-connected and allows the users to unlock a number of features and temperature control from a smartphone. The vape can be set between 4300F to 7900F.

Cannabis vape oils with the industry standard 510 fitting.

Cannabis vape oils with the industry standard 510 fitting.

No temperature is the right temperature

O’Brien said, "In cannabis consumption, every single active compound like cannabinoids or terpenes add a lot to consumer’s holistic high and they all have different boiling points. Temperature is crucial in cannabis experience to consume all active compounds at the right heat.”

Some cannabinoids can withstand a higher temperature to have a variety of effects on users but terpenes, the essential oils of the plant, cannot. Vaping at a lower temperature has perfume-like flavor, while a higher temperature it produces vapors and gives intense high. 

O'Brien admitted that "The joint is the best vaporizer. It is burning on one end when you're pulling hot air through a controlled environment because you've wrapped the paper. You're actually hitting that flower with different heats as the combustion cools coming into your mouth."

How to find your best temperature? 

Start vaping at low temperature as waiting a decent amount of time between hits will allow you to take in how your body and mind are altered.

For the excellent results on the Era, select a dosage on the session control section of the app and slowly increase the temperature each time you vape. Cannabis effects are cumulative, so this may take days or even weeks to find the perfect temperature for each situation. 

Beware of how hard and how long you are pulling if you don't have an Era and can't control the dose of your session. Charge your battery often to experience excellent results.



What can fine-tuning provide in the future?

The acceptance of cannabis is attributed to its ability to provide an essentially same high over and over again, which other strains like vape temperature can provide once but not repeatedly. What is the intensity and duration of the inhalation? What is THC and CBD for it? Fine tuning is important as it helps quantify temperature and dosage of cannabis according to personal preference. Canada is looking for the characteristics of the activating agents in it, in order to improve quantity and high. But till then cannabis consumers are on their own trial and hit method.