Is vaping a healthier alternative to cigarettes?

Is vaping a healthier alternative to cigarettes?

CLEVELAND - E-companies have to follow the new guideline of Food and Drug Administration to stop young generation from adopting this habit and keeping them out of their hands.

News 5 asked the question in the middle of crackdown:  Is vaping a healthier substitute for traditional cigarettes?

Briefly, its still up in air.                                                                                  

In Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Humberto Choi is the head of pulmonary medicine department. He said that vaping is fairly a new trend but it has been long that no research is done on it.

In any way, vaping is a healthier substitute for smokers but it's not a healthy habit for the .non-smokers to adopt.

Dr.Humberto Choi said five to ten puffs of vaping are equivalent to one cigarette.

According to Dr.Humberto Choi, "It depends on how deep someone inhales the puff. In past, electronic cigarettes had much lower levels than the higher levels of nicotine in cigarettes available in the market nowadays."

Dr.Humberto Choi also said that it is hard to claim that vaping is less dangerous because this hobby comes with few health risks.

Dr.Humberto Choi said “Formaldehyde is associated with cancer and it can be found in electronic cigarettes. Several chemicals are not exactly regulated in the liquids and it’s the major problem."

Various ingredients like propylene glycol are regulated in vape juice. It may sound unfamiliar but a variety of snack foods, salad dressings, and iced coffees contain this ingredient.

Because of all this Matthew Davis has made the switch.

According to Davis, “There’s so many unknown variables and unknown different chemicals in the cigarette."

He started smoking at the age of 18 years but could not stand it because his health started suffering a lot. He felt breathless while going up on stairs.

He said. “I’m able to run upstairs. I’m able to be more active, instead of being that slump all of the time."

Davis is the customer of Groov-E-Juice, a shop that makes Vape juices with a variety of nicotine free choices, in Kent.

Jason Noble, a shop owner at the top of Water Street Tavern, “Once they put the cigarettes down, they say it all the time. The steps are no problem."

FDA interdicts the shop owners from promoting vaping as a healthy substitute, but it also states that people who have switched from traditional cigarettes to vaping feel better.

Dr. Choi said only time will tell whether vaping is a healthy substitute for traditional cigarettes or not.