VAPE AWAY You could soon vape at your DESK – as MPs call for e-cigarette ban to be lifted

VAPE AWAY You could soon vape at your DESK – as MPs call for e-cigarette ban to be lifted

According to All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping (APPGV), employers should be provided indoor and outside vaping areas. PMs don’t have any obvious vaping area and they want to be allowed to vape in parliament unless there are legitimate safety and professional concerns to stop it. They want to vape to be more acceptable around the workplace with guidelines for "reasonable vaping etiquette."

According to APPGV chairman, Mark Pawsey, “Current anti-vaping culture of Britain has given a "false" impression to the public that passive vaping is harmful like passive smoking. There are two designated vaping locations and despite being a member for eight years I don’t know their location.”


 The current vaping areas aren't obvious or near to where MPs want to vape, according to the all-party group
PMs want to be allowed to vape in parliament


According to Public Health Matters, 80% prisoners and 14.9% of adults in England smoke tobacco. Being safer than tobacco vaping can reduce the massive reduction in 78,000 smoke-related deaths every year England.

In an interview with The Sun, Daniel Pryor, Head of Programmes at the Adam Smith Institute said, "Britain’s businesses should make it as easy as possible for smokers to switch to e-cigs, which are at least 95 percent safer than cigarettes. Scientific evidence has shown no risks of passive vaping so vaping can be done indoor with no barriers to health concerns and personal freedom. ”

The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) has welcomed the Parliamentary report saying: "The Parliamentary estate has become vape-friendly and sends a strong message to other employers and venue owners that vaping is healthy.”

Out of 3.2 million vapers in the UK, 1.7 million have switched to e-cigarettes by quitting smoking. Most smokers still hesitate due to a misconception about vaping. Many liberal workplace policies can fix this misconception and encourage smokers to choose to vape.”

In August, MPs called NHS free e-cigs as “key weapon” in health services to stop smoking arsenal. 


 In prisons which have signed up to an initiative to go smoke-free, more people are buying vaping products than tobacco Vaping is thought to be up to 95 per cent less harmful than smoking cigarettes