CreateTogether is walking the talk... Its a declaration... A manifesto of the movement toward a Round Table of vapers.

We ave created four vapes to reach out. Leaving three vapes to Create Together, to be truly 7VAPES, Together.

We are much more than a provider of amazing vapes. We reach out to our followers and partner with them to Create the next great recipe Together.  

We open our doors and our wallet to our community so that they have a say in what we produce, and prosper with us as we distribute the flavour that we Create Together.

We are a vaping movement. We join our voices with the many voices out there that want things their way and on their terms.

Join the community and express yourself. Share your vision. Show the world your spark.

Carve your name... Be a founder... Have a seat... Have a say... Create the next flavour and reap the financial rewards too.

Terms & Conditions