Create Together Policy

  1. All individuals interested in becoming a participant of the Create Together Competition must be at least nineteen (19) years of age or older at the time of enrollment into this competition (the "Competition").
  2. The competition is meant for individuals only, not for business or individual representing business.
  3. All participants must be of legal Canadian residency status (Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, Work Permit, or Refugee Claimant).
  4. All interested parties must complete an Expression of Interest form during the Enrollment Period.
  5. The date of Competition and the number of participants that have enrolled will be announced within thirty (30) days of the closing of the Enrollment Period. At this time, notice will be sent to all individuals who have completed an Expression of Interest Form by e-mail.
  6. Participants will be allowed to vote.
  7. There will only be one (1) winner (the "Winning Formula") announced for the Competition and the chances of winning will depend on the total number of Participants that enroll and attend the Competition.
  8. The Participant with the greatest number of votes in favour of their created flavour will be the winner of the Competition (the "Winner").
  9. The Winner will receive a cash prize of One Thousand Dollars CAD ($1,000.00). In addition the Winner will be provided with a royalty contract (the "Royalty Contract") that will entitle the Participant to share revenue generated by sale of the winning formula manufactured by 7vapes.
  10. The terms and conditions of the competition are governed by the provincial laws of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada.